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Does the price include tax?
Yes, all prices are including tax.
Which entry is better, boat or beach?
If you take a boat, diving or snorkeling time will be shorten to about 25 mins due to time schedule for boats. In addition, you will be unable to join the course when you are late. Boat can not enter to the Blue Cave, so boat is berthed near the Blue Cave and we swim to there. On the other hand, with beach entry, your activity time will be about 40 mins, longer than a boat entry. You might be able to join the tour, even though you are not on time, so we recommend a beach entry.
I can't swim. Can I join the diving tour?
No problem. Your swimming skills do not matter at all.
Do you have facilities such as parking lots, shower rooms, changing rooms, hair dryers and lockers?
Yes, all facilities are in Maeda, our meeting point. The fee is not including in course price. Please see the details below.
●Parking 1 hour/100 JPY ●Shower 100 secs/200 JPY ●Dryer 5 mins/100 JPY ●Coin locker 100 JPY
How do I receive photos?
All photos are sent within 1 week by LINE, KAKAO TALK, Facebook or E-mail. Large capacity data is reduced and sent by E-mail.
Is there cancel charge?
Yes, you are responsible for all amount of your charge from one day before the date.
What is the difference between Blue Cave Diving and Blue Cave Combo Course ?
The Blue Cave means we can enjoy diving in the Blue Cave. The Blue Cave Combo Course means we can enjoy snorkeling in the Blue Cave, then we can enjoy diving in Coral Reef site. But we don't play diving in the Blue Cave. Also diving time gets shorter, like 10min.
How deep do I scuba dive?
2 to 10m. The deepest point in the Blue Cave is 7m.
Can I scuba dive with contact lens?
Yes, you can. We recommend you to use soft contact lens. Besides, we have prescription masks for free.
Do you go on snorkeling and diving tour in winter?
You can enjoy snorkeling and diving all year in Okinawa. We provide wetsuits as protection against cold In winter.
Is it possible to cancel if I can't go to the Blue Cave?
When we can not go to the Blue Cave due to big waves, we scuba dive and snorkel at different point. You can cancel your booking, but we claim all amount of your course fees as cancel charge. Furthermore, no charge incurs due to changing date or course.
Do you have pick-up service?
We are very sorry, but we do not have pick-up service. Please come to meting point by rental car, bus or taxi.
Can I pay with a credit card?
Only JPY cash is available. Please remind that there are no exchange or ATMs around the meeting point.
Do you have age limit to join your tours?
Yes. Qualifying age for snorkeling is 1 to 59 years old, diving is 12 to 59 years old.
Is lunch included in the price?
No, all course does not include meals. Please prepare by yourself or buy at food-court in Cape Maeda.
Can I rental diving gears without participating your course?
No, we do not accept any rentals.
Can I bring my own camera?
Yes, you can. We recommend waterproof cameras with 10 meters. However, we can not assume all the responsibilities, such as submergence or loss.
Is there any place to wait family or friends?
There is a resting place both indoor and outdoor. Furthermore, you can not see the Blue Cave without entering the sea.
How long does it take from hotels to the meeting point?
Please refer to the page 'Meeting point'. You can check driving hours from each hotels.
Is it possible to participate tours without a swim suit?
There is no rental swim suit, but you can wear underwears, t-shirts or shorts, instead.
How can I get to the Blue Cave?
We go down stairs at the Cape Maeda to enter the sea and swim about 100m to the Blue Cave.

What is the Blue Cave?

The Blue Cave is located at Cape Maeda in Onna village in Okinawa.The Blue Cave has been visited by many tourists from not only domestic, but also overseas every year. It became the most popular diving & snorkeling point in Okinawa. There are some reasons why the cave is called the 'Blue Cave'. When sun lights come into from the entree, it reflects sands on the bottom of the sea through seawater. This effects like light-up create a fantastic blue world. Those miracle can be seen only with extremely clear sea water and white sands.