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Blue Cave Diving for Beginner

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Blue Cave Diving

A popular marine activity to enjoy the Okinawa mainland's major tourist attractions, the "Blue Cave," "Coral Reefs," and "Colorful Tropical Fish" from underwater. Within the cliffs of Maeda Misaki, there is a small cave formed by waves, and the "Blue Cave" is illuminated by the "sunlight," turning the sea into a deep shade of blue. Immerse yourself in the mysterious blue scenery created by nature and explore the underwater world of Okinawa through scuba diving.

Blue Cave Diving


Plan Details

Blue Cave Scuba Diving for Beginner (Boat)
Conditions of Participation
13y ~ 59y Participants should be in good health and suitable for marine sports Please check your health condition
Group Size
Over 2 people
2h ~ 2.5h
Time Slot
Meeting Point
20min before the reservation time
Over 2pplJPY/per with tax
Dedicated escort instructor Accident insurance for water activities Feeding experience (including the cost of the feed) Photos & videos Rental equipment (Wetsuit, Diving Mask, Prescription diving mask for nearsighted individuals, Scuba Gear, Fins) Warm water shower (with shampoo and rinse) Hairdryer Parking Boat boarding
Meeting Point
Pink Mermaid
Please use Google Maps for navigation directions
Things to Bring
Payment Methods
Pre-booking:Credit-card (online payment) Reservation on the day:Cash(JPY)/Credit-card(online payment) *The boarding fee is payable in cash on the day


Blue Cava Diving

Q & A

Is it possible to join the tour even though I can not swim well ?
Yes, even if you don't have any diving experience, you can join. In beginner-friendly plans, experienced instructors accompany you, providing guidance on basic diving skills and safety procedures. We are here to support you and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for beginners.
Is it possible to participate in the tour even if I have no experience with diving ?
People with no diving experience are welcome to participate, and no license is required.
Does diving get canceled in the rain conditions ?
If there are no issues with marine conditions, diving will be conducted even in rainy weather. Marine conditions can change based on wind direction and strength, so activities may be canceled even on clear days if the waves are rough. Additionally, the Blue Cave can be enjoyed in its blue splendor even in rainy weather during daylight hours.
Is it possible to rent swimsuits and towels ?
There is no rental of swimsuits, please bring your own. Towels can be rented for 100 yen each.
How can I get the photos and videos ?
The photos and videos taken will be shared as data. For those using an iPhone, they will be transferred via AirDrop after the tour. For other smartphone users, it will be sent by email or LINE by the next day.
What is the Blue Cave ?

The Blue Cave is located at Cape Maeda in Onna village in Okinawa. The Blue Cave has been visited by many tourists from not only domestic, but also overseas every year. It became the most popular diving & snorkeling point in Okinawa. There are some reasons why the cave is called the 'Blue Cave'. When sun lights come into from the entree, it reflects sands on the bottom of the sea through seawater. This effects like light-up create a fantastic blue world. Those miracle can be seen only with extremely clear sea water and white sands.