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FUN Diving

8,500 JPY/per-
Guide, Rental costs for equipments, Photos, Tax and Insurance
Time required
2 hours-
Diving time
Items to bring
18-59 years old
JPY cash only

・You would be asked for deposit, which is 50% of your total amount,  depending on your booking details. Please pay it with your credit card to confirm your booking, and pay the rest of your amount with JPY cash on your tour day.
・You are not able to join our tour in the case that we found your medical history. We also ask you to pay 100% of your tour charge as your cancel charge. Please check all of your health condition in advance and let us know immediately if you have any problems with that.
・You can not join our tour if you are drunken on your tour day. You will be required to pay cancel chaege in that case.
・Pregnant or hypertensive people can not participate.

Diving Point


We provide you many diving tours at various points, which are suitable to all levels of divers. Please refer to each point and levels below and enjoy diving in Okinawa. Furthermore, fun diving is diving tours for more than Open Water diver. Please note that you can not join fun diving tour if you do not have more than Open Water license.


Price 1dive 8,500 JPY 2dive 15,000 JPY
Schedule 8:00/9:00/10:00/11:00/12:00/13:00/14:00/15:00
Time required 1dive 2 hours 2dive 4 hours
Level Beginner to Advanced
Depth ~35m
Visibility 10m-25m
There are four highlights at Cape Maeda; the Blue cave, the point where we can see sea turtles, rare gobies and beautiful coral reef. All levels of divers can enjoy Maeda. Both beach and boat entry is available.


Price 1dive 10,500 JPY
Schedule 8:00/10:00/12:30/14:30
Time required 3 hours
Level Beginner to Advanced
Depth ~25m
Visibility 10m-20m
At Yamda, you can see six kinds of anemone fishes that is all kinds living in Japan. All divers will spend peaceful time enjoying the view of amazing coral reef on the white sands.


Price 2dive 20,000 JPY
Schedule 8:00/12:00
Time required 5 hours
Level Intermediate to Advanced
Depth ~40m
Visibility 10m-20m
Zanpa is famous for dynamic terrain. You will see a panoramic view.


Price 2dive 20,000 JPY
Schedule 8:00/12:00
Time required 5 hours
Level Intermediate to Advanced
Depth ~40m
Visibility 10m-20m
Manza is also famous for the terrain. Coral reef spreads on one side at the depth of 5m, and you will be surprised at magnificent scenery of precipitous cliff around the depth of 20 to 30m. More than intermediate divers are desirable.


Price 1dive 10,000 JPY
Schedule 8:00/10:00/12:00/2:00
Time required 3 hours
Level Beginner to Advanced
Depth ~10m
Visibility 10m-20m
You can enjoy diving and snorkeling with calm oceanic condition, even though the ocean around Onna area gets rough due to the strong north wind. This area is rich in coral gardens and tropical fishes. The deepest point is approximately 12m. Gorilla chop is suitable to all divers.


Price 2dive 21,000 JPY
Schedule 7:00
Time required 7 hours
Level Beginner to Advanced
Depth ~25m
Visibility 20m-30m
Minna & Sesoko Island is known as one of the most beautiful area as Kerama Islands. You will see the vast coral reef and tropical fishes swarming around them. Boats sail from Yamakawa port, which is located near the Churaumi aquarium at North of Okinawa main island. You will be asked to wake up in the early morning because this point is a bit far. From beginners to advanced levels, all divers can enjoy fun diving here. You will be into diving at this area.

What is the Blue Cave?

The Blue Cave is located at Cape Maeda in Onna village in Okinawa.The Blue Cave has been visited by many tourists from not only domestic, but also overseas every year. It became the most popular diving & snorkeling point in Okinawa. There are some reasons why the cave is called the 'Blue Cave'. When sun lights come into from the entree, it reflects sands on the bottom of the sea through seawater. This effects like light-up create a fantastic blue world. Those miracle can be seen only with extremely clear sea water and white sands.